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Why hello there! The name is Anna & I'm 21 years old. I'm currently in beauty school, trying to learn the ropes of being a hair stylist. My random blog will include my daily life, hauls, reviews, & tutorials :) Hope you enjoy & follow! xo Get your ipsy!

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Food for thought: Over Easy Breakfast Review
Thursday, March 27, 2014 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
I thought I would spice my blog up with some restaurant reviews! Last week I went out with one of my favorite girls to a place called "Over Easy Breakfast" it's located on 824 Edmonton Trail, North East Calgary, AB. It's a small brunch place hidden along the shops on Edmonton Trail. I always drive on Edmonton Trail & haven't even noticed there was a breakfast place there! We got there around 11:00-11:15am & it was already packed. There is a parking lot just beside the place but it is limited parking! We had to park a few blocks down & walk. As soon as we got there we were defiantly surprised at how packed it was for a Thursday. We were than greeted & had to wait about 10 mins before we were seated. I didn't mind waiting, what I did mind however was the 'waiting area' was pretty much when you stepped into the place. It was small & defiantly not the best place to wait as people came in & out & it was pretty cold that day. Anyways we got seated at a small booth, shortly after the waitress came & asked us if we would like to have some coffee ($2.60). The coffee wasn't bad, me & my friend needed quite a bit of sugar haha. Moving on to our food! I decided to get a simple breakfast, I wasn't too adventurous that day. 

I choose from the CRACKED EGGS ... FARM FRESH SECTION: 2 eggs, herb potatoes, double smoked bacon,wild blueberry chicken banger & toast ($9.00+$4.00; Added the sausage). My friend decided to go with MY BLUE PLATE SPECIALS SECTION: Breakfast In Tuscany; 2 poached eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, San Daniele Prosciutta, rye, herb potatoes & fresh fruit ($13.50). Our food defiantly came out fast! I think we only waited 10mins for our food to come out. Everything looked so lovely! It was time to chow down. With my dish, the herb potatoes were really good! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside & it has just the right amount of seasoning. The wild blueberry chicken banger was the best sausage I had! It was peppery with a hint of blueberries. The sausage wasn't dry nor greasy! The toast I got was so thick, I didn't mind it but tasted like any other toast haha. The bacon wasn't bad, it wasn't greasy but a bit over cooked for me! It wasn't as salty as some other bacon I had. Now the eggs were my least favorite. They were really bland & way too soft for me. I was honestly surprised on how yellow they were. In total we spent about $20.00 each including TIPS. Over all I rate this place 3.5-4/5 STARS. Would I ever go back there? Yes, but probably at a different time & maybe get my eggs a bit more well done. My friend's review is here on her blog: HERE Also here is the restaurant's website if you want to check out  their menu: Hope you guys enjoyed this review! There will be more to come! Xo

From old to new!
Thursday, March 20, 2014 | 0 comments
Hey guys! I've been looking around for a nail rack for quite some time online & ended up finding an old one on Kijiji for about $10. It was a bit busted up & needed a new make over! I decided to put my crafty talents to good use. First I cleaned the rack, gave it a good wipe down before I started anything. After I was done cleaning I got a blank piece of paper & used it as a measuring guide for the inside shelf. I than got some lovely vintage flowery scrapbook paper, measure it & cut out all of the pieces I needed. Using a hot glue gun I than started to glue the pieces into the slots. I also took off the 'Nail Polish" sign on top.I wanted to do something about the mirrors, so I'm thinking later on coating them with Chalkboard paint. I'm glad I did pick up this little gem! Another man's trash is defiantly another man's treasure! Hope this inspired all of you to turn something old into something new! Until next week! Xo

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DIY Easy St.Patty's Nails!
Thursday, March 13, 2014 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
Sorry I been MIA for the longest time! Just haven't had the time/motivation to blog, but now I'm back & hopefully for good! St.Patrick's Day is just right around the corner, & what better way to show off your green than nails?! This tutorial is easy & simple! Let's get started!

What you need:
- Base Coat
- Top Coat
- Green Nail polish
- Gold Nail polish
- Green acrylic paint
- Sparkly gold stripper polish
- Cuticle oil

First prep your nails with a base coat. 
A base coat protects & helps staining of your nails. I'm using OPI's Nail Envy. 
Next using a green polish, we're going to make a diagonal tip (I did all my nails except the ring finger). I actually am using 2 different types of green for this. First 2 coats will be OPI's 'green-wich village' than I'm going to put a pretty sheer shimmery green on top of that. I'm using CHINA GLAZE's 'entourage'. 
On the ring finger do the same but with a gold polish. I'm using OPI's 'love. angel. music. baby'.
 After using green acrylic paint & a stripper brush, outline the diagonal tip as shown for the green tips. For the gold use a gold stripper polish. I'm using L.A. COLOR's ART DECO '24k glitter'.  For the green tips do another line underneath the green with the gold, & vice-versa on the gold tips. Wait for everything to completly dry, top coat; I'm using color club 'clear top coat' & finish off with cuticle oil!
Simple & easy for St. Patrick's day! You could also switch out the colors for an everyday look! 
Goodluck & Happy St.Patty's day! xo

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Birthday gifts!
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
It's been so long since I last posted, I got to the point where I kinda gave up on blogging, I know that's terrible! But I'm going to get back into blogging more, since one of my close friends has started to blog! Yay!! Anyways I'll probably try to post once a week at least for you guys. Last month was my bday, so here's a look at what I got for my special day!

Alright so my lovely boyfriend got me a beautiful Michael Kors bag :) I been looking to buy a new bag for awhile now but couldn't find the right. This bag is absolutely perfect for me! 
I'm pretty short (4'11) so this bad doesn't overwhelm me. I also love the cross body strap that it comes with. I will do a more detailed post on my bag & what's in my bag later on.

Next my best got me a bunch of stuff! A beautiful & lovely cheetah print scarf, just in time for fall! Stuff from bath & body works: shower gel, lotion & body spray! The fragrance is "Sensual Amber". 
 My mom loved the lotion so much I just gave it to her. I love the smell of the fragrance  Such a lovely smell for autumn. Last but not least, she got me some panda stuff! I got a panda hat, gloves & cute panda earrings w/ mustaches on them!

Next one of my close friends got me an awesome tea mug! I have recently quit coffee & converted to tea. Coffee was really bad for me, my body didn't like it very much. Converting to tea was a big step but I have done well so far! Anyways back to the mug. So I saw this mug at David's tea before & I thought it was super cool cause it changes color based off the temperature. Been loving this mug!

My other close friend got me 2 gift cards, one from teavana & other from bath & body works! Can't wait to use them! She also got me some pretty eye shadow from Revlon. It's one of their summer collections, it comes with a frosty light green, frosty olive green, frosty blue & a nice frosty orange!

Last but not least my old close friend from high school, baked me such an adorable cake for my bday! 
It tasted so good & was such well made!
 Thank you for taking the time to make something thoughtful for me! 
She made me a pink domo cake! Best cake I have ever gotten!

Well that's what I got for my bday! 
Thanks for stopping by & tune in again next week for some new content!

DIY Make-up brush holder for under $10!

Hey guys! 
I recently was browsing the internet & found that a lot of people are selling make-up brush holders for more than $10! Seriously though you can defiantly make your own for under $10!
So here is a DIY cute make-up brush holder, under $10.

Here are all the materials you will need: 
(Most of the stuff was bought @ the Dollar store.)


First you want to clean the vase with some soap & water, after your done that make sure it’s completely dry.

If your using the [Rub on font] keep reading, if not skip to next step.
 Cut out all the letters you are using for that word. I’m going to put “Live” on the vase.
After you’re done cutting them out, remove the wax backing & place them on the vase on the area you want them. Next, use your nail or anything & rub gently until the letter is transfer on the vase.
Do this to all the letters.

STEP 3: 
If you want to use the [Ribbon] keep reading, if not skip to next step.
First you want to heat up your hot glue gun. Next we are going to make a bow with the ribbon.
Measure how big/small you want your bow to be, cut the desired length
& place where you want the bow to be.
Start putting on a small amount of glue onto the ribbon & placing it on the vase, leave a bit of room in the front to make your bow. Now start tying your bow once you positioned everything.
I have included a link on a tutorial for the bow I made:

If your using [Ice crystal gems] keep reading, if not skip this step.
We’re just going to fill the bottom of the vase with the ice gems.
Fill 1/4 of the vase with the ice gems. 

Using the [Vase filler beads]
Fill ¾ of the vase with the Vase filler beads. 

Place the make-up brushes & we are done!

You can also place different thing in the vases, like pens, pencils, paint brushes, etc. Be creative!
Hope you enjoyed this simply & easy DIY make-up brush holders! Stay tuned for more easy DIY!

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It's been so long!
Saturday, November 9, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys!
I know it's been a super long time since I actually blogged, & I should have no excuse, but I haven't found the inspiration to blog for the longest time. But now one of my close friends had made a blog & she told me to continue, & as she started posting more on her blog, it really makes me want to get back into blogging! I know I can do it! So hopefully I will post a new blog for you guys at least once a week! So stay tuned for more recent blogs for you guys! Sorry I've been MIA but I'm back for good now! If you have time please check out my awesome's friend blog:
- Will post soon, xo

N.A.C. Week 6 - Violet Nails!
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | 0 comments
Hey guys! It's time for N.A.C. Week - Violet Nails!
I did a spring look for this week's challenge since we finally have some sunshine! Yay! 
Let's get started!

What you need:
- Base coat
- Top coat
- Purple nail polish
- Light purple nail polish
- Shimmery purple nail polish
- white acrylic paint
- Purple acrylic paint
- green acrylic paint
- magenta nail polish
- hot pink nail polish
- light shimmery pink nail polish
- toothpick
- stripper brush
- paper towel
- water

We're going to prep the nails with a base coat. 
Using a base coat will protect the nails from staining.
I'm using ESSIE 'all in one base'.

Next I'm going to paint my nails in a pattern with purple, then light purple, then dark again start from my thumb. The nails should look like this. I did about 2-3 coats for each nail. 
 The purple is ESSIE 'boxer shorts' such a pretty color, 
& the light purple is by OPI 'rumple's wiggin''.

After that is dry I'm going to put a shimmery purple over the ESSIE'S purple. 
I'm using REVLON '#370 not so blueberry'
Not only is it a nice shimmer, it also smells like blueberries once it's done drying!

Now I'm going to be using the white & purple acrylic paint. I mix them together to make a light purple, close to the color I painted on my pointer finger & ring finger. 
Using a stripper brushing, I'm going to make 3 vertical lines down the purple nails. 
One in the center, then 2 on the sides.

Now it's time for the flowers! I'm going to be using a magenta color to make the base of the flowers. Make sure you don't take too much polish 
& just make random blobs on the nails. It doesn't have to be perfect! 
I'm using ESSIE 'splash of grenadine'.

Let that dry & now we're going to apply the shimmery pink 
on top of the blobs we just did. 
I'm using ESSIE 'pink-a-boo'. Such a pretty shimmer!

After that is dry, I'm going to mix the magenta color & a hot pink color together to do the outlines of the flowers. The hot pink polish I used is OPI 'suzi's hungary again!'
Now using a toothpick & going slow, were going to outline the blob. I did 3 curves that weren't attached together & put a dot in the middle on the blob. Super easy! 
Make sure you wipe off the nail polish on the toothpick every now & then, to ensure the toothpick is always sharp.

Almost done! Now using green acrylic paint we're going to be doing the leafs on the flower. Start off with a dot on the side of the flower & then drag it with a curve, 
you can do as many leafs on the flowers as you want but I stuck to 2-3 per flower. 

Let everything dry & finish it off with a top coat. 
I'm using my favorite top coat SECHE VITE 'dry fast top coat'.

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks N.A.C. Week 6 - Violet Nails! 
See you guys next week for N.A.C. Week 7 - Black & White Nails!

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